About Me


My Experience

As a child, I always prayed to be Psychic. I started giving readings for my Mom at age 10.  My Mentor is Dr. Lauren Thibodeau from Lily Dale, the Home of Spiritualism.   I am a Spiritualist and  I am a Medium.  You may have seen me giving messages at Lily Dale for large groups or at various Spiritualist Churches or been referred by a friend. I receive specific information for healing and hope brought to you directly from Source energy, Angels, Spirit Guides or past loved one.  My intention is to help elevate your consciousness to find wholeness.  I also hold a Masters Degree in Social Work and I specialize in traditional Spiritual Counseling.   I will work within your faith system to help you find ways to heal yourself. Let's connect today and see what messages are coming your way.  


My Approach

My approach is caring, holistic, and spirit based.  I relay what Spirit tells me to say. I hear, see, and know from Spirit what I am to say. I work as a conduit for your highest and best good. I am well versed in psychology and Eastern method for healing energy blockages. 


Why Now?

I believe that Intuitive information brought through from Source energy can enlighten and heal people.  I would love to give you increased insight and clarity to help you be your own healer.  Please contact me today to learn more.