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The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to become the highest version of ourselves. 

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Alison Maxfield of

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to become the highest version of ourselves. Clearing the path of obstacles becomes more comfortable, as we move towards greater self-acceptance. Growth occurs as we gain of the Truth of our existence, from all planes of awareness.  From fragmentation to wholeness we travel, to manifest our destiny for the service of humanity. The farther we go towards self-acceptance and universal consciousness of the Truth, not our particular truth, we find our mission which will also bring peace to our Soul and health to our bodies and minds. 

As a practicing Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Counselor, I specialize in tapping into Source Energy for your best and highest good. I started giving readings at age ten and have been a practicing Medium for the past thirty years.  Also, I hold a MSW, and I specialize in laughter therapy, codependency, and anxiety disorders. Spiritual Counseling is a mix of my Psychic Abilities and ten years of accumulated therapeutic techniques to help you move forward and overcome obstacles.

Spiritual Counseling is here to assist you in becoming the best and highest version of yourself so that you can find the completeness that comes with serving humanity from your vantage point of authenticity. 

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